Reach more people

  • Speed Optimized websites show up higher on search engines and retain visitors for longer
  • Reach your customers however they connect with a website made to look and perform great across all devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Connect your site to Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Pinterest pin buttons

I make websites work.

  • Stand out from your competition with a professionally designed, clean and modern website
  • I create websites you can easily update yourself
  • I'll set up your business website with features such as blogging, e-commerce shopping carts, video blogging, podcasting
  • See some of my work on the portfolio page

Keep Your Website Secure

  • Security Scannning for malware
  • Site configuration to prevent most types of attacks from happening
  • Attack detection to stop attacks when they happen
  • Backups: No method of prevention is 100%

Web Design Begins With a Message

Your website is often the first impression a potential customer has about your company that you can control. To be effective, your message must be targeted and consistent in word and design. I put small businesses on the web with websites that are designed to engage customers, draw traffic and establish online credibility.

I create websites that are easy to update and maintain with the world’s most popular content management system. Whether you want to set up an e-commerce store, a blog, video blog, podcast or just set up a basic directory-style home page for your business, I can help.

About Steve

Portrait of Steve Thomas-Patel

Your tech guy. I make websites work.

I studied computer science in college, where I learned to program, how the internet works, network security and about computing in general. I always had a passion for the visual arts, which I exercised early on with photography. But over the years I started a number of side projects until I figured out I enjoyed designing the web sites for these projects more than the projects themselves. (For an example of an ongoing project see:

I understand small business because I have been operating a successful one, Jamboree Pet Care, in San Diego for over five years. It continues to operate, largely without me, as I focus on web design and development.