Corby Piano

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Teaching piano is a very personal business. As a teacher, Corby spends a lot of time one-on-one with each of her students. Her website is not only a place to reach out for new business, but a place to show her pride in her students as they grow and improve. She wanted to accomplish this by integrating video into the site. For this I created a video gallery that shows off the you tube videos she creates and chooses for the gallery. We also worked together to create a design that fit her taste preferences.

The Homepage

The primary purpose of Corby’s website is to introduce her to prospective students. First time visitors to a website are often viewing many similar websites looking for a lot of information quickly and making snap decisions about it, until they have narrowed down their field of research. For this reason, we decided to put a little bit of each piece of the website onto the homepage. The user is able to scroll to see more information, rather than following links, which causes delays and tends to lose some people.

The slider, which is "above the fold" contains multiple pictures of people which helps to bring life to the site and set a tone.

Video Gallery

One thing Corby was sure she wanted for her website was a video gallery. She has a few videos on YouTube of students playing and of her giving instruction. She has ideas for many more videos she plans to put up over time. It was very important that I created a page that was easy to maintain for her as she creates new videos over time.