Fiesta Island Dog Owners



Fiesta Island Dog Owners is a 10,000 member, 501(c)3 non-profit organization in San Diego. Their purpose is to preserve and protect the unique and popular 92-acre leash free area of Fiesta Island from development.

The FIDO website serves several important functions for the organization. First, it serves to inform members of the public, the media and important decision makers in city government about the issues involved and the Mission Bay Park Development Plan that Fiesta Island falls under. It also provides the latest news on the political actions and fundraising activities of the group. It also provides ways to contact the board, and pictures and video of the latest activities.

Photo Gallery

Fido has lots of events such as beach cleanups with dignitaries attending, social fundraisers or get-togethers. A photo gallery is a place to show-off these events and to promote the island to people who haven’t been there. Media is also encouraged to make use of images from the site.

Member Testimonials

Members are encouraged to leave testimonials of their experiences with Fiesta Island and to express their feelings about why the city should not take their valued park away.

Video Gallery

FIDO has a number of videos to show the work they have done and the media coverage they have received. Some are hosted on the FIDO YouTube channel, others on member’s Facebook. Wherever they are hosted, they are easily added to the video gallery. These include videos that were created by members and videos that were created by professional media and permission to post was obtained by FIDO.