The Seaside Baker

The Seaside Baker shares her journals of recipes, places she travels to, experiences and anything else going on in her life. In almost two years she had built up a large following of devoted fans and was looking to monotize her blog. The problem was she was hosted on, which does not allow many types of commercial activities, such as running ad network ads. She was ready to go self-hosted.

Since she had been blogging for so long, she had amassed a very large collection of posts and images. It took over a day to download them all from the server. offers a number of conveniences to the photo blogger so that they do not have to worry about certain things, such as the size of their images. This is not true by default for the self-hosted blog and required the use of plugins. I also had to restore a number of other features to the blog upon transfer, such as infinite scrolling which helps with retaining visitors.

The Seaside Baker also requested an index page for her recipes, much like the one at For this I created a custom page template. The template automatically updates the list of recipes based on their categories. All The Seaside Baker has to do is assign her recipe posts to their proper categories. If she wants a new category on the page, all she has to do is create a new category (as a subcategory of recipes) and that category will appear on the page as well.

In addition to the transfer, I provide regular maintenance for The Seaside Baker involving keeping WordPress and her plugins up to date, as well as regular backups and security scanning.