Steve Thomas-Patel

This page is about Steve Thomas-Patel. Find my social media:

Technical Skills

I am a Full Stack Web Developer specializing in E-Commerce. I have spent a lot of time with the following technologies:

  • PHP
    • Slim Framework
    • Lumen / Laravel Framework
    • Pure-PHP (ie Non-Framework)
  • Javascript
    • Vanilla
    • React
    • VueJS
    • and in the old days: jQuery and Backbone
  • Python
    • Flask
    • Django
    • Vanilla
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • GCloud
  • Optimizing sites for speed, usability, and search engine visibility
  • Dev Team Management
  • DevOps

Non-Professional Skills

  • Gardening
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Guitar

Here are a few websites I currently manage:

My SoCal Garden LogoThis is my gardening blog. It's built in React and is full of information on gardening. As I learn about topics in Permaculture or California Native Plants, I like to do write-ups on them to help cement my knowledge and to share whatever I have learned. It also features a map of demonstration gardens in the Los Angeles area. I have visited many of them and provide photo galleries and sometimes write-ups on them as well.


Junu Jungle logoJunu Jungle is a passion project for Puja and I. We are working to build an e-commerce company that puts sustainability above all things. We are still in the early stages here, but our current product line involves block-printed tea towels and pillowcases made of 100% hemp. Our products are sewn by professional sewers in the Los Angeles area and are block-printed by hand.


Indiaphile LogoIndiaphile is a blog project Puja and I started many years ago. It is about Indian food and culture. Most posts are about recipes that Puja has created either as classic Indian dishes or her Indian-inspired creations. The site is aging but gets a lot of traffic and we are always kicking around the idea of revitalizing it, but often do not find the time.